There is sooo much that goes into managing this data and without good information management we're just not as productive as we can be. But the good news is we can help you change that.

Link Technologies Tasmania has developed Form-Link to help address this issue. Form-Link takes data from a form and automatically populates that data into contracts or other document types such as Word & PDF. This automation significantly minimises the need for data entry by your business. Business rules can be added at any stage of the process to ensure compliance of your documents & digitisation of workflows or procedures.

Form-Link powered by M-Files integrates with most software applications; accounts can be automatically created in finance packages such as Xero or MYOB. Form data can be imported into existing CRM or Databases without user intervention or data entry. If your business utilises forms then Form-Link will save you time, money & effort. Contact Link Technologies Tasmania today to discuss how we can help automate forms in your business.

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