An alternative to Office 365

G-Suite offers, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, App Maker & Keep Notes as it’s creative tools.

For collaboration, users are spoilt for choice with Gmail, Hangouts, calendar & Currents.

Cloud accessibility is achieved via Google Drive.


Make decisions faster, face to face.

Bring the whole team into the room from wherever they are with hassle-free, one-click HD video conferencing.


Collaborate from anywhere.

Work together on the same file, at the same time, across devices. Changes are automatically saved in real-time – no more version control issues or emailing documents back and forth.


Keep everything in one place.

Store files in a single, secure, shared location where your team can access them across devices.


Manage everything with central IT administration.

Easily configure security settings, add or remove users, and control user access to company data across devices from a single, centralized console.

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