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Ricoh Business Centre Launceston & RBC IT Services is rebranding to ‘Link Technologies Tasmania’.

This is an exciting new chapter in our business, as we merge Ricoh Business Centre Launceston & RBCIT Services Tasmania into one entity - Link Technologies Tasmania.

With our continued growth into the technology sector & with the progression of linking technologies & business platforms to provide business with a more holistic approach to how data is obtained, viewed & manipulated, we felt it was time to better reflect what we truly offer.

Our new name refers to creating the link not only between different technologies and platforms, but also the link between people and technology, and, even more importantly, the links or relationships between people themselves.

Afterall, it’s those relationships which truly makeour lives more rewarding.

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Link Technologies Tasmania will continue to operate as a locally owned & operated business, with no change to staff or the service & support we have built our business on; this is purely a name change!

Over the coming months you will start to see Link Technologies Tasmania appear alongside our current brands as we build market awareness.

We thank you for your continued support & should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office or me directly.

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